The customs, culture, ceremonies, and mesas of Hopi are world renowned. For Hopi Villages, this presents an opportunity for tourism development.

Tourism Strategic Plan

The customs, culture, ceremonies, and mesas of Hopi are world renowned. For Hopi Villages, this presents an opportunity for tourism development.

In November 2020, Building Communities completed and distributed the Hopi Tourism Strategic Plan which offers recommendations and policies on how tourism development can benefit the Tribe and its people.

Beginning in June 2019, the Hopi Tourism Cohort was formed to guidethe development of the Hopi Tourism Strategic Plan (completed) and the implementation of that plan(underway).

Today, a new Hopi tourism non-profit organization is being formed, a tourism website will be developed, the Hopi tour operators guide will be updated, and future development sites for tourism facilities will be identified.


Hopi Tourism Association

As much as anywhere in the United States, Hopi offers a glimpse at authentic Native American living. The Hopi people have maintained a strong fidelity to their traditions and beliefs. The Hopi language is strong. Authentic ceremonies – some open to the public – are an expression of life, culture, and all that is Hopi.

The people of the Hopi Tribe welcome travelers from throughout the world to come and understand the people, the culture, the beauty, and everything Hopi.

Because of our desire to share our world with you, we have created the Hopi Tourism Association. Our goal is to make you feel welcome here while, at the same time, we protect and preserve all that is special.

In the days ahead we will create our own special website that will offer you more information on how to get here, what you can see and do once you are here, and how you can visit our artisans to bring something special home with you.

Hopi Tourism Association Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Hopi Tourism Association is to promote tourism activities and visitor destinations that Promote, Preserve and Reinforce Hopi Customs and Values as a business approach to economic diversification; through the development and operation of an authentic Hopi experience and destination by cooperative marketing of Hopi attractions; participating in local, state, and national tourism advocacy and networking in a regional context.”


Value #1: Focus Tourism Activities and Promotions that Preserve and Reinforce Hopi Customs and Values

Value #2: Separate Tourism Development and Advocacy from Hopi Government and Politics

Value #3: Respect Tourism Development as a Viable Approach to Economic Diversification

Value #4: Network Locally, Statewide and Nationally with Tourism Advocacy Organizations

Value #5: Develop, Operate and Promote New Visitor Destinations at Hopi

Value #6: Seek Cooperative Efforts for Tourism Marketing and Promotion

Value #7: Develop Win/Win Tourism Partnerships and Relationships with Navajo

Contact Us

Wendi Lewis, President

Iva Honyestewa, Vice President

Kristie Honie, Secretary/Treasurer

Hopi Villages

First Mesa

Waalpi (Walpi)

Hanoki (Hano or Tewa)

Sitsomovi (Sichomovi)

Yuwehloo Pahki Community

Second Mesa

Sungoopavi (Shongopavi)

Musungnuvi (Mishongnovi)

Supawlavi (Shipaulovi)

Third Mesa

Hotvela (Hotevilla)

Paaqavi (Bacavi)

Munqapi (Moencopi)

Kiqotsmovi (Kykotsmovi)

Orayvi (Oraibi)

Hopi Village Information
Each of the villages at Hopi have their own rules and guidelines with respect to visitors and ceremonies.  Hopi asks for visitors to be sensitive to the local expectations and requirements.  Several villages have posted such rules and expectations at their village entrances.
Village NamePhoneEmail
Sipaulovi(928) 737-2570csasipaulovi@gmail.com
Kykotsmovi(928) 734-2474MarkTalayumptewa@gmail.com
Tewa(928) 737-2254/2215votcsa@hopitelecom.net
Walpi(928) 737-9556walpiadmin@hopitelecom.net
Upper Moenkopi(928) 283-8051Csaupper.moenkopi@yahoo.com
Lower Moencopi(928) 283-5212rbsumtz@gmail.com
Yuwehloo Pahki(928) 738-8201ypcsa@hopitelecom.net
Bacavi(928) 734-9360baccsa@hopitelecom.net
Shungopavi(928) 734-7135/7137shungopavicsa@hopitelecom.net
Sichomovi(928) 737-0446sichomoviq@hopitelecom.net
Hotevilla(928) 734-0040Hotevilla.csa@gmail.com
Mishongnovi(928) 737-2263/2264glomawaima@gmail.com
Old Oraibi(928) 313-3382A_Joshevama@yahoo.com