Addressing the Impacts of the Pandemic

Hopi has been significantly impacted by the pandemic.  In order to address these impacts, the Hopi Office of Community Planning and Economic Development, assisted by federal funders such as the Economic Development Administration (EDA), is advancing a series of projects and initiatives.


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March 2, 2022

Grant Writing Training

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Village Outreach

Responding to early indications that the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) may close which, subsequently, would end mining operations…

Joint Village Strategic Planning

Stemming from the Navajo/Hopi Land Dispute, two separate episodes of Hopi/US history have severely impacted the living conditions…

Communities Facilities Identification Report

The federal government has grant and loan funding for community facilities that benefit the general public. In 2020, an effort was made to…

Long Term Water Supply Solution at Moenkopi

Water is critical throughout Hopi, and the future of Moenkopi hangs in the balance without a long-term water supply and distribution.

Efforts to study possible solutions, drill a well and provide transmission to UMV and VML are in the works

Hopi Tourism Strategic Plan

The customs, culture, ceremonies, and mesas of Hopi are world renowned. For Hopi Villages, this presents an opportunity for tourism…

Hopi Tourism Cohort

Beginning in June 2019, the Hopi Tourism Cohort was formed to guide the development of the Hopi Tourism Strategic Plan (completed) and the implementation…


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Hydroponics Business Analysis

Business Planning at YPC

Victim Services Program

Hydroponics Business Analysis

Victim Services Program

Business Planning at YPC

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